Clarion – Hungary

BCS Hungary implemented solutions in Clarion

The company

Clarion is the leading manufacturer in car multimedia market, produces car audio equipments and entertainment products and it is the centre of European production.

Problem to be solved

All manufactured products contain a chip, wherein nearly 100 components are built in on automated production line. The components are filled in different feeders. The identification of components and the filling of them in the right feeder were completed manually on paper based registration. Several times, mistakes made during the identification of components or feeders led to the production of waste products.

It was also a problem that some of the components arrived to the factory without any barcode, so it was necessary to label the items.


We labeled both components and feeders with barcodes, so identification became accurate and easy. Our specialists developed a special application, which is able to create a product model database by filling in the list and quantity of components and the quantity of orders. This model database automatically shows the production line, components and feeders necessary for the production of a given product. These production (model) plans can be downloaded to mobile computers, so workers can see the whole production procedure of the manufactured product. He can easily identify the necessary components and set up the feeders with the right items in the right quantity. With the help of this electronic, barcode based application the production follow-up, check and documentation became more effective, accurate and easier.

Regarding the assets, we applied 15 pcs of Symbol SPT 1800 mobile computer, 1 piece of Symbol LS 2208 barcode scanner and a Zebra desktop printer to build up the system.


The results of system development occured very soon, the approx. 4 million HUF (cca. 16K Euro) investment returned within 8 months. Production of waste products, which previously happened 7-10 times per year and caused extra costs in the value of 500 Euro, completely ceased. All production stages are documented and checked electronically. Immaculate products also increased the customers' satisfaction and loyalty. Thanks to the positive feedback of the above described development, Clarion Hungary charged our company to develope a similar system for warehouse management.

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