Metro – Hungary

BCS Hungary installed Motorola MK1200 terminals

According to the Hungarian laws it is required to make all prices visible and present to customers in the shops. Therefore Metro stores use price checkers for a decade in the shop floor area. The specially built units are capable of reading bar codes of the products, display the price, name plus some additional information about the article. The terminals used in the stores were quite old units with high repair and maintenance costs. So the management took consideration of an upgrade program and decided to purchase a new modern solution.

The challenge was how to replace the old terminals while keeping the background system without any software modification in all the 13 department stores. Metro was looking for a solution also, where the installation can be done gradually, without interrupting the operation.


BCS Hungary solved the problem in a way that all newly installed MK1200 terminals were able to communicate with the HOST system and database, just like the way, how the previous units did. The new program developed by BCS allowed for Metro to keep the server-side program, there was no need for any modification. As the units got downloaded with a start-up sequence, the replacement process itself was very easy, a kind of routine job for the technicians.

The solution was to develop the new software for the Motorola MK1200 terminals, that was 100% compatible with the old ones. BCS shipped 26 terminals connected to the wired or to the wireless corporate infrastructure and apart from the price checking functionality, they are ready for remote monitoring as well.

Business Benefits

The transition went smoothly. There was no need for specially trained people to do the installation, as we shipped them fully pre-configured and ready to use. The Motorola MK1200 Terminals are high-quality instruments designed for heavy usage, capable of remote monitoring and configuration, so most of the maintenance and settings jobs can be solved at the lowest expense.